About Us

Charles E. Thornhill, CTS


Charles "Chas" Thornhill, CTS has over 30 years of integrated system sales, design, documentation, project management, and installation experience.  

Jay Seng


Jay Seng has over 20 years experience in IT and AV project management and deployment.  His track record of delivering projects on time and within budget is exceptional.

Pre-sale Design & Engineering Services:

  • Basic System Design – for budgetary purposes
  • Bills of Material (BOMs) 
  • Scopes of Work (SOWs) – relating to the digital elements or components
  • CAD visualizations or preliminary drawings or other system documentation
  • Design of custom mounting brackets or assemblies
  • Design-related meetings or audioconferences
  • Pre-sales meetings or audioconferences 
  • Consulting services to Customer or Customer’s customer
  • Hardware evaluation
  • Vendor or manufacturer meetings relating to a specific opportunity or prospective project
  • Site surveys or installation location surveys or evaluations 

Post-sale Design & Engineering Services:

  • Final system design documentation 
  • Required CAD drawings – for digital elements or components
  • Meetings or audioconferences with Customer or Customer’s customer related to:
    • Project 
    • Installation
    • Service delivery
  • Reconciliation of BOM/CAD drawings
  • Programming or configuration of hardware or software

Post-sale Project Management Services:

  • Meetings or audioconferences with Customer or Customer’s customer related to: 
    • Project 
    • Installation
    • Service delivery (Non-engineering)
  • Meetings or audioconferences with Customer’s customer or Customer’s customer’s construction, facilities, or maintenance resources related to:
    • Project 
    • Installation
    • Service delivery (Non-engineering)
  • Coordination with Customer’s in-house project management team, account management team, support team, procurement team, or any Customer resource related to:
    • Project 
    • Installation
    • Service delivery
  • Creation of project plans or schedules
  • Management of shipping or delivery schedules
  • Management of installation schedules
  • Management of required installation resources, equipment, or personnel
  • On-site project management directly related to ongoing installation or service delivery 

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